Interview with Sang Bleu Magazine

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I did an interview with Sang Bleu this month, a culture and style magazine created by the man responsible for my beautiful tattoos. In it, I talk kink, tattoos, censorship and escorting.

Sex work will always be stigmatised for as long as female sexuality and female power are coded as a threatening or malevolent force in a society that would prefer women to be seen and not heard. That’s never been my style, and as I’ve reached my mid twenties, i’ve become even less apologetic about enjoying sex and being successful. In fact, I get somewhat of a kick out of living my life exactly as I wish. There will always be people who want to police the borders of acceptable female sexual behaviour – and they don’t bother me one bit, though they used to. I think for many sex workers the identity building process is borne out of feeling like an outsider, a renegade. That was certainly the case for me, though lately I have found that I draw that strength from somewhere within, and less heavily from notions of a shared identity.”

Check it out!