The Mistress

Imagine the powerful woman who stands over you in your fantasies – who is she? Is she an aggressive and sadistic femme fatale? Is she laughing at you? Perhaps she’s a stern and formal disciplinarian – a boss or colleague? She might have a loving, caring, nurturing side, looking to gently correct rather than torture you. She could be having a lot of fun toying with you, or taking your formal punishment very, very seriously. She might be furious, aroused, playful, strict… out of reach, or intoxicatingly close. She uses glamour and eroticism to overpower you. She is using you for her own pleasure.

I can fulfil all these fantasies and more. I’m a born roleplayer, with a passion for dressing the part. I have several wardrobes bursting full of clothes and thousands of ideas in my head about how to create your perfect fantasy scene. Crafting these scenarios is my perverted private theatre, and I adore it.

However, for me, dominating you is about far more than instantly becoming Mistress Alex by donning a rubber dress and grabbing a whip. Domination is intrinsically linked to my own female desire to feel in control. I seek sexually charged encounters where I have firmly and deliciously corrected you, or I have robbed you of your power violently, or sweetly requested that you drop to your knees and offer it willingly . I want to experience your helplessness, your embarrassment, your struggle, your stress and your abandon. I want to be the best fuck you’ve ever had, and be a real bitch about it.  I want to help you to be a good boy.