Lovely long hair, piercing blue eyes, and a body you would kill for. A beautiful creature. Very smart too (smarter than me, if I’m being entirely honest!), can definitely hold up her end of the conversation. Altogether a fantastic girl, I fully intend to spend as much time as I can in her company from here on out…If you’re the type who wants a review in hard numbers, she’s definitely a 10 out of 10 (possibly an 11, if you’re willing to bend the rules a bit)! –19th Feb 2015

Alex is a really special woman. We’ve known each other a while now, but I recall my first impression quite clearly. In conversation, she’s agile and insightful, and really makes you feel listened to. I’ve been touched at how she remembers things we’ve chatted about in previous encounters when we reunite. We’ve had some great debates about cinema and music, and she’s very funny as well. Absolutely nothing gets past her, and I imagine she’s intimidated a few suitors over the years with her brains, as well as breaking some hearts.

She’s also stunning, but a review from me barely needs to reiterate that, as her pictures are very illustrative. Soft pale skin, blue eyes, slender all over with a beautiful bottom that I absolutely adore. Bundles of lovely thick long hair – I’m a sucker for nice hair – 5th March 2015

I am quite a nervous guy, but Alex is such a nice person , she at once places you at ease. She is a lovely young lady, very intelligent and easy to talk to. She listens to what I like and is eager to please.

I talked to Alex a number of times about brining another girl into the session. Alex suggested Amy. Amy proved to be equally as beautiful, easy to talk to and open minded. Both girls work well together and enjoyed the session as much as I did.

I hope to repeat the session again soon. Both Alex and Amy are truly amazing girls – 12th March 2015